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Famous heroes of the kabuki stage played by frogs New White Mesh Knit Sneakers

Tag: Japan , art , animals , Japanese , sword , fantasy , samurai , Frog , theater , UTAGAWA , KUNIYOSHI , UKIYOE , WOODBLOCK
Artist Description: Famous Heroes of the Kabuki Stage Played by Frogs by Utagawa Kuniyoshi (1798-1861), a woodcut illustration of personified frogs in costume acting out scenes from Kabuki plays.

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* EVA Stripe soles with mesh-knit fabric for black sneaker shoes

* Mesh upper lining construction with EVA padded insoles

* Complete with 6 eyelets and a lace up closure for a classic look

* Perfect for every season, wear them all year round

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Production Time: 5-7 Days

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Standard shipping by: 15-25 Days