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b Children Light Up Hoodie

Tag: Blue , Pattern , White , Flowers , Nature , Dress , vintage
Artist Description: dress,vintage,pattern,flowers,nature,blue,white

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Electrioluminescent Wire -Your hoodie lights up with our awesome El Wire technology and comes in 3 modes, strobe, fast strobe, and on. You can even blink to the beat of the music by ordering a Sound Responsive Battery Pack

ALL OVER PRINT -Our premium all over print hoodies are made using sublimation technology. This allows us to put insanely vibrant colors anywhere on the hoodie and the designs will never crack, peel or fade.

CUT & SEW -All our hoodies and prints are hand cut and sewn together. Meaning your hoodie is printed and then sewn together ensuring there are never any white marks.

BATTERY LIFE- Your shoes will last 4-6 hours per charge. They are battery life .

About Time

Production Time: 5-7 Days

Express shipping by: 3-8 Days

Standard shipping by: 15-25 Days